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Undoubtedly you will discover benevolent facets of Scientology. And these factors are great. It’s possibly why it's lasted so lengthy.

I didn’t say that. What I did say was the electro-shock e-meter Sarge created was not a suicide unit. Everybody’s physique eventually dies, irrespective of how enlightened one particular is or isn’t.

You can find spirituality in Scientology. Anytime any one is honest and eager to learn and ready to seem: There exists spiritual acquire.

Ortega received latest tax data that exposed the main three tiers in the Church (that is a non-financial gain Group) have a combined book value of $one.5 billion.

But all this is just the precursor into the bombs which have been dropped by Hubbard about the OT levels. This is where the REAL revelation about how other religions really should be viewed is laid down given that the law of scientology. The key content of OT III go away without doubt.

But that's not REALLY why scientology makes use of a cross. If it absolutely was meant to depict the 8 dynamics it would be an eight pointed STAR with all arms equivalent. No dynamic is considered to be additional important compared to the Many others, yet the “scientology cross” does NOT have them equivalent in size.

So she spends much time aiming to just take down Ron critics but had zero belief of Ron’s devious and evil Directions to destroy critics.

I have been a Scientologist for over thirty several years And that i am African American. Scientology has become of great enable to me. L. Ron Hubbard was a brilliant philosopher who uncovered a sensible way to help you people today rise above the problems with the physical world and their possess mental and spiritual obstacles. The persons mentioned in this post ought to Provide you beliefs behind scientology with some indicator of how Scientology helps. One of numerous L. Ron Hubbard’s enduring legacies was the fact that he assisted hundreds of countless numbers from all walks of life, to obtain off and stay off drugs. He was also incredibly vocal in his criticism about the hazardous results of psychiatric “treatments”, which includes their drugs, on somebody,physically, mentally and spiritually.

Ironically, when his time around the clearly show ended abruptly, Stone and Parker did an episode of “South Park” wherever the character, Chef, was in a gaggle that experienced him brainwashed and was killed off in the end.

The scientology beliefs and money man on the cross. There was no Christ but The person to the cross is revealed as every single male so certainly Everyone

Brian, I look at this several years in the past and initial study the particular doc (which need to be a “remembered” produce up not an HCOB) during the 1980s most likely prior to numerous on right here had even heard about it, and responded then straight away by stating it was bullshit, as do many of the commenters to the backlink you posted. It appears to be rather a feat to recall beautifully three or 4 webpages of an “HCOB” and along with that with the opposite document listing “specifically” the processes to operate likewise eh? Funny that eh? And it is Hubbard intending to contradict his own OTIII resources which this meant HCOB does? In that case why did he not cancel OTIII scientology beliefs christian then? And And so the illogic goes on and on. In order I say, if George M.White is being adamant about it and truthful, then it can only have been a Miscavige experiment, as I say. And do you really think that, if it was truly prepared by LRH, that Miscavige would dare to terminate it as he seemingly did?

No other religion forbids ANY Make contact with with shunned associates, or puts one particular’s have membership, and connections with one’s personal family, at risk for getting any Make contact with with disaffected family associates.

Which Pleasure and liberty was certainly not attained by Ron. The corollary of that's that he could not guide us to that condition.

“I’m not, never was, in no way is going to be. I belong for the religion of your Church of Chaka Khan, And that i apply it daily. I live my religion, I take into consideration it a private issue. But I’ve taken some courses in Scientology, and they’ve been incredibly, very practical as a result of life’s ups and downs.”

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